Our clients can expect a superior service experience that makes their brand stronger with every relationship.


Taking a successful business to the next level, without affecting its core ethos.

In the 10 years since its founding, Australian Medico-Legal Group has established a reputation for the highest standards of medico-legal reporting, and built an enviable client base.

The success of the business is due in no small part to its diligence and care for the needs of a broad stakeholders mix, including specialists, insurers, lawyers and individual’s needing treatment and financial support.

Using this powerful insight as the key message to deliver to the marketplace, we worked closely with the leaders of AMLG to distill their value proposition so the benefit of engaging with the business shone through (an important aspect given competitors tend to talk about what they do, not the benefit to customers).

We then developed clear and simple messaging to support eDM marketing campaigns to their key audiences. Printed collateral and Directories were also re-designed by the Protocol team to reflect the more modern and engaging Visual and Verbal Identity we developed; to support a holistic expression of the brand’s presentation. The impact was immediate, with the highest response rate ever for digital marketing campaigns, and a substantial increase in clients and leads.

The combination of a highly commercial brand strategy applied to quality execution has further enhanced the brand, and kept true it to its ethos. AMLG now appreciate the power and value that clear and effective marketing can bring to the business, and have made marketing a much more central part of how the business operates

Services Protocol provide AMLG include:
  • Strategic advice
  • Communications review
  • Developed the brand positioning & value proposition
  • Refreshed and modernised the brand identity
  • Service offering brand architecture created
  • Re-designed and produced key collateral
  • Developed sponsorship and event collateral
  • Digital advertising strategy & execution
  • Website re-design


A new strategy around business offerings designed to drive growth.

With an established client base in one key sector, the business needed to identify and engage its most valuable audiences with a relevant value proposition, and leverage its expertise with the launch of a new and highly valuable diagnostic product.

  • Strategic advice
  • Value Proposition for the new product suite
  • Refine the Visual Identity
  • Define the Verbal Identity
  • Website design
  • Persona needs matrix
  • eDM campaign strategy, platform, execution and analysis
  • Develop content strategy and structure


A new consulting firm with big-end-of-town experience needed to define how their unique insights and methodology could optimise client engagement and build business value.

Switch needed to clearly position their consulting offer in a crowded and jargon-filled market
We defined and articulated the benefit in a clear and easily understood manner, using information design and animation to highlight the differentiated approach.

  • Strategic advice
  • Developed the Value Proposition
  • Refined the existing Visual Identity and created broad Guidelines
  • Developed a cohesive and compelling Verbal Identity
  • Animation of core brand story
  • Developed eDM campaign


An innovative firm with a business model that positively disrupts traditional thinking, needs to align its brand with a new inbound Chinese client base.

Retaining the clearly differentiated brand positioning and demonstrating relevance to the needs and expectations of Chinese facing staff, and those of a tightly defined Chinese national audience. The new approach results in a brand refresh optimizing brand assets.

  • Strategic advice
  • Mandarin brand name & positioning
  • VI for Chinese audiences
  • Collateral for China market
  • Refresh of English master brand, new VI & guidelines
  • Value proposition & message house
  • Audience persona needs matrix
  • VI applied to new office fit out
  • Soft launch, the brand story, staff engagement


Reposition and rebrand to engage influencer audiences.

WIPAN is a NFP delivering highly positive outcomes for women who come into contact with the criminal justice system. While the organisation’s name and image reflected the strength and determination of the founders, WIPAN needed to remove the stigma attached to the CJS enabling greater appeal to corporate, government and influencer stakeholders and beneficial patrons. A new name: Women’s Justice Network communicated the organisation’s honest, unwavering purpose.

  • Strategic advice
  • Brand strategy including positioning
  • Brand name & new VI
  • Board engagement around change
  • VI & guidelines
  • Application to key channels


Build a personal, entrepreneurial brand with growth capacity.

Optimising the inherent strengths of a highly regarded consultant to build a brand with the breadth and depth to accommodate a range of service offerings, and future partners. This required a balance of entrepreneurial ethos with solid accounting based business experience to deliver a differentiated value proposition in the crowded consulting market.

  • Strategic advice, opportunity identification
  • Definition of service offerings
  • Brand strategy, brand name & VI
  • Soft launch
  • Presentation formats
  • White paper editing
  • eDM creative & implementation


Maximising sponsorship investment to drive growth.

A successful consulting business, growing through reputation and referral was to make its first investment in conference sponsorship. ROI would be determined through attracting the ‘right’ types of client organisations, as the business expressed a clear desire only to work with particular types of clients. In the conference environment, clarity and immediacy of value proposition was essential to deliver cut-through.

  • Strategic advice, review business plan & align to client ethos
  • Communications strategy
  • Develop event collateral & stand
  • eDM creative & implementation
  • Marketing strategy workshop
  • Value proposition


Start-up shifts emphasis from product description to consumer benefit.

Positioning Headway DNA, a research-based capability definition and enhancement tool as a consumer brand, moved the emphasis from its research and academic credentials to the value it offered the individual and the organisation.
Take the complexity out of the language, unpack and reconfigure to define the opportunity and the benefit, supported by technical characteristics and research.

  • Strategic review of content structure and flow
  • Reconfigure to define the market opportunity
  • Verbal identity & style guide
  • Refine brand identity & VI
  • Develop web-based delivery platform


Compelling value proposition for start-up creative enterprise.

The Authentic is a photography business that combines editorial style storytelling with beautiful, tactile, handcrafted presentation. In the highly competitive, price driven family portraiture market, the brand needed to represent the deeply personal and individual approach of the photographer as well as a contemporary online retail brand with an evolving range of merchandise.

  • Brand strategy & development
  • Positioning & value proposition
  • Visual identity & application to key collateral
  • Website strategy & design constructs
  • Copy strategy & marketing advice