Renewables is a cluttered, highly competitive sector and will only become more contested as new players enter the market.

In this dynamic, having a clear point of difference and value that resonates with customers will be a key factor in your success. The Now Protocol specialise in helping businesses stand out from competitors and increase market share by making brands work at their optimum to build revenue and reputation.

Make your business more valuable to your most important audiences.

It’s hard to differentiate from the rest when your message is unclear, generic or unattractive to your key audiences. Having a clear proposition and market positioning that resonates with the market builds reputation and reasons to prefer.

An approach that gets results

From deep experience working with major brands and start-ups we’ve developed a simple, fit-for-purpose methodology to position your brand for bigger success.

We work with you to define the drivers for success; creating an easily actioned, cost-effective and bespoke approach based on what will work best. 

1. Get your Value Proposition right so customers have a reason to choose you

It’s the most clear and powerful way to express your point of difference and value.

2.Understand and engage your audiences so your messages are relevant and resonant

Make it about satisfying their need, not just what you do.

3. Connect with your audiences by aligning your messages to the best channels

The most popular channels are the ones that effectively carry messages to your audiences, and lead to the most important interaction; one-to-one.

4. Get all your people on the same page about what’s really important

The customer, their needs and how you can deliver on that.

5. Measure what matters, regularly

Analyse how well your point of difference and value is connecting with, and compelling your key audiences to transact.

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