It’s the post-Machine Age,
and we’re all living (and working) in it.

It’s raising vexing questions:

  • How do you create and foster a culture of innovation in an automated world?
  • What is the purpose of people and culture in a Post-Machine Age?

It’s also creating uncertainty and anxiety when actually this can be a defining and positive moment in the evolution of HR.

Here’s what we know from years at the forefront of delivering robust, high-function, valuable (for all stakeholders) and creative cultures.

As more and more functions are automated, dynamic organisations will differentiate, iterate and add value by leveraging off two vital assets: people and culture

power-up your people

The Now Protocol is re-framing what the relationship between people and organisations is, and can be: by Rebooting People and Culture.

We know where to find the ideas in the organisation: the game-changing, lateral thinking, enlightened, revenue-raising, reputation enhancing, and “I-Love-What-I-Do” aptitude and attitude that organisations will need to nurture and unleash.

We know how to take this and turn it into adaptive, capable, productive and yes, contented people-states. Where ideas, input and activity become the naturally occurring by-product of a vibrant, connected, and committed culture.

That understands that technology isn’t the master of humankind, it serves us.

Backed by leading edge digital platforms

People and Culture 3.0 is a dynamic based on technology supporting people in applying themselves where they can have the greatest input and impact: with the bandwidth to investigate, identify, iterate and succeed.

Connectivity Index is an integrative digital support mechanism that gives a clear view on what your people feel about their culture, and how to help make it the best it can be. Having your voice heard is a key aspect of Powered-Up’ Cultures, which is why the Connectivity Index is so valuable. 

You can view a demo of Connectivity Index below.

Duxe: Get everyone on the same page 

When there’s a lot going on in the organisation, there’s usually a tidal wave of data as well. Sifting through reams of documentation on different platforms can be time-consuming and energy-sapping, inhibiting people to get on with what will make a difference.

We are proud to be the sole Australian distributors for the ground-breaking culture engagement, reporting and governance tool. Duxe. This intuitive platform is easy to deploy, and simple to populate with the critical data people need to:

  • Understand the scope and breadth of what’s taking place
  • See how all the pieces fit together
  • View the status and progress of all the activities being undertaken
  • Connect with, share and collaborate to drive the best outcome

You can arrange a demonstration of Duxe here.

The Five Fundamentals of “Power-Up” Cultures

We’re into efficiency and speed of delivery and outcomes, so we developed an elegantly functional way to create and liberate people to apply their true potential.

In five simple steps, you can:

  • Elevate the reputation of HR, by unlocking the real source of innovation
  • Create a culture that activates, celebrates and motivates human endeavour
  • Optimise existing assets with long-lasting benefits for all stakeholders

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