Our clients can expect a superior service experience that makes their brand stronger with every relationship.


Enhancing brand relevance and impact in an increasingly commodified market.

Understanding the need to innovate in a changing market dynamic, the LHH senior team proactively developed new IP and methodology to support customers undergoing significant transformation. At the same time, traditional sources of HR business and relationships were identified. As the new methodology represented a new and positive way of working, this required a review of the visual application of the brand to match the evolved nature of the service offering; and applying to this to the critical collateral LHH presents to, and provides for clients.

The services Protocol provided to LHH:
  • Strategic advice
  • Information design
  • Developing an engaging, informative visual approach to describe the¬†methodology
  • Consistency in brand expression across all key collateral
  • Supporting¬†LHH clients to understand and successfully apply strategic priorities
  • Creating rich media assets to engage and inform key audiences


Strengthening the brand by highlighting what they do best (in the west).

This successful technology brand, with a strong reputation in Western Australia, needed to re-position itself in the face of radical sector change, and open new markets in Eastern states. By creating a disruptive and innovative position the brand could own and leverage, Ajilon could highlight their value and point of difference, as well as the inadequacy of the current tier system in the consulting sector; and importantly, reinforce their can-do attitude.
A value proposition reflected Ajilon’s consulting and staffing offerings and client-first was developed. Rather than discard the original, we crystallised it to its most valuable essence, helping staff and stakeholders keep the connection to what the business has always stood for. this was supported by deep engagement with the key stakeholders, and the development of a new language that enhanced the existing positioning

The services Protocol provided to Ajilon:
  • Strategic advice, problem state & approach
  • Stakeholder insights
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market overview
  • Opportunity space identification
  • Positioning & value proposition
  • Disruptive idea
  • Senior leadership engagement
  • Audience personas & needs analysis
  • Communications content matrix
  • Channel strategy & calendar
  • Application of positioning to new website
  • Copy strategy & overview