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Identifying & bridging critical gaps in communication & engagement.

Complexity is a given in major transformation programs, and can create a barrier to effective communication ( “It’s too complicated to explain, so we won’t communicate at all…”). When this becomes a reason not to engage with the business, access to critical information becomes scarce and people can ‘catastrophise’ the process. The solution meant positioning important information relating to business transformation so anyone in the organisation could find what was needed to understand what was required to deliver the best quality outcomes.

Working with the Transformation Leadership Team, we:
  • Analysed current engagement levels and how information relating to transformation was being communicated
  • Developed a strategic, insight-led approach to clear precise means of communicating what mattered
  • Introduced of new mechanisms to assist clarity: Including information architecture and simplified language
  • Created visual and verbal information design systems to complement the BAU VI
  • Crafted a highly intuitive, elegant UX in the form of a Digital Transformation Roadmap & User Guide
  • Facilitated workshops with the marketing team to unlock new ways of communicating
  • Lateral and engaging ways to articulate complex and ‘dry’ information


Clearly articulating the One TAFE Modernisation Portfolio for diverse stakeholders.

In the face of wholesale and un-nerving change, the organisation needed to clearly and simply articulate the critical need for modernisation, and to do so in a way that was both unequivocal and inclusive. Utilising rich media and information design, the order and structure around delivering the best possible outcomes was communicated, through a mechanism highlighting the value of people in the outcome and the end benefit to all.

  • Strategy & insights
  • Simplify the ’story’ to its essential components
  • Create an ordered structure and logic flow
  • Apply a sense of benefit
  • Apply to information design / animation
  • Develop graphic information system to identify all work-streams